It's time to ask our contributors for new themes
You can email me at:
with your suggestions.

New Theme: March: spring flowers suggested by co host, Ann Hyde

Update : We are now keeping Themes for a WHOLE MONTH.

Past Themes

1) "Close to Home" Lynn Cohen, Feb. 14-28 2014.
2)"Kitchen" suggested by Lisa Richards, March 1 - March 15:
3) "Gardens & Parks" Ann Hyde, March 16- March 31, 2014
4) "Time Away From Home, Vacations/Holidays" Ann Hyde, April 1- April 15,2014
5)  "Human Beings and How they Spend Their Time" and/or "Art Supplies", Elisa Choi April 16- April 30, 2014
6) May 1 to May 15: "Animals, including birds, Real, Imagined, Stuffed, Extinct, etc."
7) May 16 - May 31: "My daily life from morning to night" each day different! suggested by Elisa Choi
8) June 1- June 15: "Music and Musicians" suggested by Margaret Coote
9) June 16- June 30: "Treasures and Mementos, some of My Favorite Things" suggested by Jez
10) July 1 - 15 : "Buildings around the World" suggested by Lynn Cohen
11) July 16 - 31 : "Wildlife" suggested by Ann Hyde
12) August 1 - 15: "Cups and Mugs" suggested by Ann Hyde
13)August 16 - 31: "Selfies" suggested by Arnoldo L. Romero
14)September 1-15: "Flowers" suggested by Sirkka Jalava
15)September 16-30: "Life Events/Everyday Life" suggested by Ann Hyde
16)October 1-15 "Stacks" (cups, pots, books, etc.) suggested by Sandee Setliff
17)October 16-31 "Still Life", suggested by
Sandee Setliff
18)November 1-15 "Fruit" suggested by Sandee Setliff
19)November 16-30 "Ten Minute Challenge" suggested by Ann Hyde
20)December 1-15 "Monuments(ie: Statue of Liberty), Sculptures (ie: Venus de Milo, The Lincoln Memorial, carved things)" suggested by a guest, emie58
21)December 16-31 "Sunrise/Sunset" suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)

22)January 1-15 "Holiday Fun" (i.e. vacation scenes - Xmas/Thanksgiving etc) suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
23)January 16-31 "Odd Characters" suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
24)February 1-15 "The house you grew up in" suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
25)February 16-28 "The Town you grew up in" suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
26)March 1-15 "Fantasy Destinations" (places you would love to visit) suggested by Elaine Pang (jaguarish)
27)March 16-31 "Spring" suggested by Ann Hyde
28)April 1-15 "Landscape" suggested by Ann Hyde
29)April 16-30 "People" suggested by Ann Hyde
30) May 1-15 "Water" suggested by Ann Hyde
31) May 16-31 "New & Different Art Supplies" suggested by Lynn Cohen
32) June 1-15: "Pick a favorite artist, dead or alive, draw Your Art (subject) in Their style!" suggested by Lynn Cohen
33) June 16-30  "Pets" - Paint a Favourite animal or any animal for that matter...go wild if you like..suggested by Ann Hyde
34) July 1-15 "Summer/Winter Madness" go wild and have fun drawing the Season wherever you are in the world this July. (Summer for some is Winter for others) suggested by Ann Hyde
35) July 16-31 "Your favourite meal" be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or a meal out in a cafe/restaurant. suggested by Ann Hyde
36) August 1-15 Photos will be added that you can draw/sketch/paint in any medium you wish....suggested Ann Hyde
37) August 16-31 Clothes & Shoes. Suggested by Elisa Choi
38) September 1-15 All Kinds of Trees. Suggested by Elisa Choi 
39) September 16-30 Activities people do inside and out. Suggested by Elisa Choi
40) October 1-15 Night Scenery. Suggested by Elisa Choi
41) October 16-31 Your Work Life. ( of course if you are retired you can draw a previous work life or what you do now in retirement!) Suggested by Elisa Choi (add on by Lynn)
42) November 1-15 Patterns & Textures. Suggested by Elisa Choi
43) November 16-30 Focus: the contributing artist. Draw something that speaks of who you are so people can get to know about you better. It can be anything. Suggested by Elisa Choi
44) December 1-15 A holiday in your country. Could even be a vacation/holiday you especially enjoyed. Suggested by Elisa Choi. (let's Label these: Holiday/Traditions)
45) December 16-31 Draw what you observe. Anything you see but without the use of reference photos! Suggested by Elisa Choi

46) January 1-15 Self Portraits suggested by Donna Bickley
47) January 16-31 Favourite Tools suggested by Donna Bickley
48) February 1-15 Favourite Animal suggested by Donna Bickley
49) February 16-29 Flowers suggested by Ann Hyde
50) March 1 - 15 Big and Small in the same scene suggested by Elaine Pang
51) March 16-31 Fish Suggested by Elaine Pang (Jaguarish)
52) April 1-15 "Stained Glass" suggested by Elaine Pang
53) April 16-30 Things People Do Suggested by Lynn CoMo
54) May 1-15 Harvesting
55) May 16-31 Motion
56) June 1-June 15: Where You Live. Country, State, County, City, Town suggested by Jean Bernick
57) June 16-30 Home Interior
58) July 1-15 A peaceful place
59) July 16-31, Sunrise, Sunset, suggested by Jean Bernick
60) August 1-15 Summer, Vacation/Holiday Time away from home
61) August 16-31 Skies, suggested by Jean Bernick
62) September 1-15 School Memories, suggested by Co-Host Lynn Cohen
63)September 16-30 Important People in Your Life, Suggested by Co-Host, Lynn Cohen
64) October 1-15 Fall Season, suggested by Co-Host, Lynn Cohen
65) October 16-31 My Choice, suggested by Co-Host Lynn Cohen
66) November 1-15 Boats, suggested by Co-Host Ann Hyde
67) November 16-30 Street Scenes, city or country scenes, suggested by Co-Host Ann Hyde
68) December 1-15 Holiday Designs, suggested by Co-Host Ann Hyde
69) December 16-31 Draw something from memory (could be about your family, your house, your garden, your holidays earlier in the year) suggested by Co-Host Ann Hyde

70) January 1-15 Wintry Day suggested by Indira
71) January 16-31 Anything Goes, Your Choice suggested by Lynn Cohen
72) FEBRUARY 1 - 28  Landscapes